Welcom to Jernbanefritid

Jernbanefritid is an Umbrella organisation. It include at this moment 30 associations different kind, all over the country.

Jernbanefritid is founded 1946 and the Idea for the organisation and the associations was/is to promote Activities for Members and their families.

The Objective is to arrange an active Freetime for all Members, which is establised and financed by

  • Subscription
  • Subsidy from the pools and lotto
  • Contribution from parent companies

For everybody employed by DSB, BaneDanmark, DB Schenker, Atkins and Carillion and their spouse, common-law husband/wife, and children Jernbanefritid has the pleasure to offer, in different associations more possibilities for Freetime Sport or culturel activities under good conditions.

On a national basis the Jernbanefritid Members can be together at Danish Railway Championships, competitions, meetings, exhibitions in different disciplines.

Some of the local associations have further activities than on national basis on their program.

If a basic interest for other acitivites is observed, the Jernbanefritid is ready to assist by that.

We recommend all our members and their family to join us in the local associations going for sports.